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Album design made easier! Take your workflow to the next level and create an awesome album just within minutes!
Album design can be a hard process. However, thanks to the album creator by Zalamo, making a stunning album will never be the same. Forget about plug-ins or installing any additional software.
You just need to register and choose your plan. From then on you are free to work with your design from any place you want, from any computer you wish. For the start, you get 5 designs for free.
This comes with all the features available for you to let you discover how you can streamline your processes.

Now you don’t need to worry about spread templates that force your images to adjust to the layout. With Zalamo, this is the image that is the key. You have a full control over the layout.
Loads of ready-made spread templates that you can adapt to your own style. Also, you are absolutely free to create your own templates! And you know what?
Zalamo will remember them if you wish to use them in the future! So now you are able to create a fantastic album from scratch to a final product that is trully yours and shows your own and unique style.The whole design process is extremely user-friendly with its simplicity and intuitive, drag and drop interface. But that is not the end of magic.
Once you have finished all the fun work with designing the album, you get a free album proofing. Just send your design proof and your clients can approve your design, add comments or make request. Then you just send your approved design for print. No need to bother about anything else.
Your printing house – Extremaalbum will get your order straight from the system. And you’re done! Effortlessly and effectively.

Try it now and deliver your clients a superior album that tells a story!