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Join us in building the brand Photoever even stronger.

You need to be registered with us.
You must have tried our products and be satisfied.
We want you to be extra sensitive and catch every opportunity to be a good ambassador when
come in contact with someone around you who show interest in our products.

It could be to tell your customers and kolegor which you meet online or face to face.
If you do that, then you can also call you for Photoever Ambassador!

The purpose of Photoever Ambassadors is to maintain prices on our products
and get new satisfied customers.

Should we succeed in this, and becoming more so, we must all pull together.
By having good ambassadors we can succeed.
Send your address to to get more information about being an ambassador.

An ambassadorship is a role you take, because you are passionate about something genuint- not a role you get.

What you get from us is the discounts and benefits and an opportunity to influence the products and the presentation here,
but above all on page side that faces the photographers’ customers.
There will be a limit to how many ambasadörer we take in every year so it is important to be a good
Ambasador so we can bring in more gradually.


As Photoever Ambasador we help even more.

You will get a discount on Wall Art, Canvas, Plexi and Trans.
We have an accommodation in a top modern house here in our neighborhood
where we will give discount for those who want to book a holiday week or just a wekend.

In return for us we want you to have one of our Photoever logos
on your website that links to Ambasador / yourself .html

We want a storry about you an album that we can show on the net ”Flaschalbum”
(We fix flaschalbumet if you give us the material.)
A few pictures to show on the page, links to Twitter, Facebook, Bloog, Website
@ -mail etc. – here’s an example