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1 What are photobooks?
There are many providers of photo books today
there are books that you are doing on their pages.
The books are printed on a thicker paper.

We call our books for albums or layflat album.
Our albums may have different rough sides and chemically induced on photo paper,
or on a piece of paper that can easily be compared with watercolor paper,
so called FineArt paper.

These kinds of albums sold extensible to photographers.
Which means that in order to have an album you have to hire a professional photographer.

One thing you might consider is that these albums are made to last for generations.

2 What does it cost?

What albums cost depends on the photographer’s pricing, sometimes included album
in a package and sometimes an option.
Price depends then of course on the size and number of pages which model you want.
With us, there are many models to choose from, a model for all.

3 How does it work when you order the album?

To order this kind of album is only for professional photographers.
So they know generally how to do, the photographers have special programs
to design and deliver the pictures to us.

4 Are there any trends in the album?

Yes the recent trend has been FinArt albums these albums are not just pictures
which tells about your wedding day, but reproduces a ”sense” in a way that is not photo paper gives.
The trend on the covers is that they are clothed with linen, which gives a great feeling.
In this category there are two price levels, the finest is made ​​entirely by hand
with Hahnemühlepapper which is a quality paper with unique properties.
Fine Art albums made ​​with Hahnemühlepapper comes in a case and with white gloves.

5 Do you have any photography tips?

Our photo tip is you who will be photographed trying kopla of, be yourselves.
Trust your photographer it is he who knows what is good pictures you should ”just” be ”movie stars”.
You’ve selected your photographer to get good pictures and not least the photographer’s knowledge.
To get value for money to have the eyes of the photographer, do not worry about friends’ cameras.
You have not paid them to capture your day and they are taking short anyway.
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Sincerely Izabela & Magnus Norberg Extremaalbum Photoever.