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FS-Data = One year optional hosting package

Maybe 1997 was not the year we had our first website but it could have been so …..
And we have certainly our sites at FS-Data!
At that time we had Mikael Blom employee in our business today, he runs Blom IT
and is a dealer for FS Data
So that FS-Data is sponsoring our album design contest feels great.


FS Data

FS Data is one of the oldest , largest and most popular providers of web hosting, server services , domain names and e-mail. We have been doing business since 1997 , we were one of the first companies to offer registration services for . Ensure domains, and we have won multiple praised for our services , among which Sweden’s best web host.

The key words that apply with us are: security , technology and environmental friendliness.

We are a family owned and owner- driven company with good solvency and no external borrowings. We own all of our technology infrastructure , including a brand new and highly equipped data center . Our customer service is open until late at night and even during the weekends , so you will always get fast and good response from us . Please read more about our staff .

With our control , we were the first in Sweden , our customers have full control over their services. We use several different data centers , with diesel backup , automatic fire suppression and advanced access and alarm system for our hosting and server services. For more information, please read about our infrastructure.

At last , we invest in environmentally friendly technologies. Our servers are not only designed to deliver the most stable and fast services as possible , they also have very low power consumption. To cool our servers , we use water from the Sound, which is re-used for district heating in Helsingborg. We use also electricity only labeled with Good Environmental Choice.

Want to know even more about us? Then you can read our company blog or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Om oss på FS Data

Tack till er alla på SF-Data!

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