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Good – Better – Best

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In our effort to become better in different areas, we have decided to
build up an image archive of reference images!

The idea is simply that you send us an image that you are happy with.
Image size should be 13×18 in 300dpi.
Please let the the image contain skin for many it is the main ”color”.
Fotografen i Bengtsfors 035 copy

Write on the picture that it is a reference picture, there name and if you have
Adobe RGB or sRGB. Upload it to the server and let us know that there is a reference picture from you on the server

With an FTP program, upload your picture,
same password here that you have on our side.
if you do not have a login, register then it takes about 24 hours before FTPn is enabled!

Then we send a photo to you for approval if approved will be saved as a copy of a customer archives.
In this way you will get a confirmation that what you see on your screen shows what we prints. if you are not happy send the copy and a copy that you have printed so we make the process so you will be satisfied.
Our address Extremes Album Photoever Gjutaregatan 16 66630 Bengtsfors.