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How to design an album the best way?

Obviously, priority one to retell the wedding day (shooting) in the most beautiful way possible, with beautiful images and a good design.
Most photographers deliver albums as a final product, along with offers of photo enlargements.
It is important to deliver an album that impresses and then also the design of major importance.
A well designed album highlights your photos and your brand.
Here we show examples of designs and styles to strengthen your photos and create great album design.

Making a transition from one image to the next can be done in two ways.
Have a bright picture go towards brighter a dark walk towards dark.
Which leads the viewer’s eye toward the ones you want to display.

steve4Low opasitet
Do you have a spread may pictures compete for attention,
so the viewer does not know where eyes should rest.
Through a lower opasitet leads you eyes where you want.
Patterns and textures in backgrounds with low opasitet can enhance images in the foreground.

magnus1Picture in picture
To place an image on top of one another to view the page’s content
can be effective and generates interest

steve2Blocks / color boxes
When images do not fit perfectly on a spread,
you can fill out with color boxes.
When not symetrin becomes perfect, wins the design on a matching box.

steve3Color elements
A design can be enhanced with color elements taken from the color of
flowers, dress, colors, etc.
Done the right way a complement to the design without distracting.

textThe font
The fonts can also communicate what kind of wedding album you designed. A classic style gives a more formal feeling and
a ornate style shows a more romantic wedding.

magnus3The gap
It is with the gaps, you show the pictures.
It reflects your personality.
A clean and elegant design depends on the width of the gap.

magnus4Negative space
The use of negative space in the right way to get the observer
to see a single image, without bothering other images
make the viewer stop and admire frame by frame.

Steve1Lines / Frames
For not having a light gentle image to bleed out into a white background,
or a dark image to disappear into a black background,
you can stop the bleeding with a line.

With careful use of ornamentation in design,
you can create a sense and strengthen patterns in the images.

With these tips, we wish you luck in our competition

Do you want to win the prize?    And are photographer?
Welcome to join our album design contest!