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Studio Line is an album from Extremaalbum.
An album that we without bargained on the quality has given a low price,
so you can have it as your studio albums.

It is available in five models, ranging from five to ten spreads.
We produce it in three different sizes 15 × 15, 20 × 20 and 25 × 25 cm.

The album begins with white or black cardboard.


The pages are glued back to back no core, the sides will be ”flexible”.

_DSC6864_DSC6864The album has no bar codes and manufactured with exactly the same precision
like any other album from us.
_DSC6868_DSC6868 _DSC6869_DSC6869

We have limited the selection of materials to choose from, but there are still many.
Utsides material

Although the options are limited
but of course you can have your logo on the back.

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