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Bröllopsmagasinet celebrates 20 years!115_476
This year, Bridal Magazine Group, which Bröllopsmagasinet is a part of, celebrate as much as 20 years.
The very first issue of Bröllopsmagasinet was born in Denmark 1993
20 years of experience!
Bröllopsmagasinet is the perfect guide when it comes to anything related to wedding, is crystal clear!

Text: Jeanette Henriksson | Photo: Bridal Magazine Group
Free translation by Magnus Norberg Extremaalbum Photoever AB
As a celebration to Bröllopsmagasinet.

Ever since the beginning, The Bröllopsmagasinet been a great source of inspiration for brides and their guests. Many people buy the magazine for tips and learn the subject wedding. When you want get married opens a whole new world for most people.

We will guide you: There are so many choices to make and so much to choose from.
This is where Bröllopsmagsinet comes in and guides the bridal couples throughout the planning process.
And who knows? After the big day perhaps your wedding highlighted in Bröllopsmagsinet is to provide inspiration to future brides? We want to give good advice.
It is important to make the right decision when it comes to weddings, the day will never return.
There are many players in the wedding industry and the case, finding the right one.
It allows you in the Bröllopsmagsinet. Here you will also find the latest trends both in bridal, men’s and evening wear.

How it all began So it was in Denmark that everything started in 1993 and the first number of Bröllopsmagasinet was published. The magazine celebrated as a huge void for wedding couples eager and over the years has become a trendsetting magazine in the wedding industry in the Nordic countries.
1997 launched the first number of Wedding magazine in Sweden, in 2000 came the first issue in Norway and in 2005 came the first Finnish edition of Bröllopsmagasinet out in stores.
Now there was suddenly an exclusive magazine that took up all the things that brides and their wedding guests reflected upon. While readers got an amazing source of inspiration quickly discovered the leading producers and the companies that are skilled and can with wedding an opportunity to be involved and inspire YOU for your big day. Bröllopsmagasinet selects those who think that YOU are important to be visible in all areas.

Those who know weddings, is seen with us In Bröllopsmagasinet , you can really get inspired both by us and by other actors who are good in the wedding, all to your big day to be as perfect as possible. Editorial traveling around the world to view the latest weddings fashions in lovely surroundings. Along with models, stylists and photographers we head out to all sorts of places, the mountains of Nepal, the beaches in the Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles. Savannas of Africa or the big city noise – nothing was too far away or too difficult to implement for the Bröllopsmagasin team. We travel to beautiful mansions, castles and hotels in the Nordic region to best show off the latest trends to you, or to advise on the perfect wedding venue. Bridal Magazine Group, Bröllopsmagasinet is part of today’s leading publishers in the wedding industry. BMG publishes magazines in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland addressed to the happy couple. But also to your guests, or to all of you who just like beautiful glossy magazines dealing with weddings!

So we wish you the Bröllopsmagasinet congratulations to your 20 years and hope it will be many more!
It is for us a great honor to have you with as sponsors for our design contest for photographers!

Izabela Och Magnus Norberg Extremaalbum Photoever AB

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