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To let a photographer take pictures
to a Secretbox – Boudoir – Budoar sensual / passionate wedding photos
that the bride gives the groom as a wedding gift.
Is something that just gets more and more popular.

Here has all the photographers all the possibilities to do just the box you want.

Magnus- photoever63

  This is boxes in linen and with a photo outside, but there are many different foil materials and colors, about the 21st
in the same group will find 10 colors of linen.
And between 60 -70 different artificial leather.

Magnus- photoever67   Magnus- photoever66

Want to make it really personal and special just for him?
Then we recommend that photo graph downloading our templates
or buy from Fröken Fokus.
box foto2   box foto1

Brigitte Grenfeldt
Is the photographer with the Registered Trade Mark SecretBox®


Only your imagination sets the limits,
how about a little box of memories
you design and is unique at every opportunity

Magnus- photoever51 Magnus- photoever50 Magnus- photoever53 Magnus- photoever56

Magnus- photoever67

We have four different paper qualities of our chemically developed images.
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